All of our DIY Advertising portals have disclosures listed below. Please read through the disclosure of the advertisement that you have chosen. It is important you are aware of every aspect of your partnership with Racing Performance Media. We are a no-hidden fee or policy type of company.

***Regardless of the method of sponsoring with us, please know we require a signed contract to display your content. Please give us at least one week to get your contract, record it, design your banner, and post it.***

Website Banner / Facebook Cover DIY

* Banner ads on our website are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Should you not find your marketing need is available right now, understand we will find a solution for you, and provide a discount on top of that.

* Fiduciary Clause - We at RPM see ourselves in a fiduciary-like state what we take your marketing dollars. We will continue to provide great content to grow our fan base, so you will see your ROI increase in theory as well.

* Do not pay unless you are prepared for us to begin advertising. At RPM, we do not waste time jumping on your opportunity. In most cases, you will get a contract to be signed in your email the night of your payment. 

* In all cases, we have calculated the price based on our reached readers for the month before. All contracts are variable due to the ever changing reach in our outlets.

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