Carpenter, Stricker Win Openers at Brushcreek

Updated: May 24

Tyler Carpenter stands in victory lane after picking up the win at Brushcreek Motorsports Complex. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

May 9,2020 at Brushcreek Motorsport Complex

Late Model Feature Finish

1. Tyler Carpenter

2. Billy Staker

3. Jim Couch

4. Josh Dietz

5. Matt Isaac

6. Ethan Toedter

7. Jacob Wiblin

8. PJ Simpson

Adam Stricker next to this Elite Chassis after winning the Modified opener at Brushcreek. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

Modified Feature Finish

1. Adam Stricker

2. Travis Dickson

3. Mark Dickson

4. Brandon Ramsey

5. Tyler Allison

6. Joshua Romans

7. Aaron Branham

8. Brian Semmons

9. Rusty Hawes