Hoffman Nets $10k at Fairbury

Nick Hoffman expresses his joy after $10,000 win at Fairbury. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

September 5, 2020 at Fairbury Speedway ($10,000 to win)


(By Tyson Graves)

Round six of the 2020 Summit Racing Equipment American Modified Series took place Saturday night at Fairbury Speedway. It was the eighth annual event for the series at the quarter-mile oval that is one of the highest paying modified races in the country all year long. Eighty cars filled the pit area in hopes to bring home a $10,000 payday.

Things got underway with SPEC Racing Engines qualifying. Out of 80 cars to take time it was Curt Spalding who put down the fastest lap at 13.966 seconds in Group A qualifying. In Group B it was Bob Pohlman with a lap of 14.126 seconds as the quickest. This set the stage for 8 heat races to start narrowing down who was going to make the big show.

Hypercoils heat race one went to overall fast qualifier Curt Spalding. After the heat Curt drew the #4 and would start fourth in the 50 lap main event. The other driver to transfer from heat one was Danny Schwartz from Ashmore, IL.

In the second heat race presented by Willy’s Carb & Dyno Friday night winner Nick Hoffman picked up the win and drew the number three. Nick would roll off third in his attempt to win for the second night in a row. The #21 of Nick Allen came home runner up in heat two and transferred to the nights feature event as well.

In the Fast Shafts sponsored heat race three defending AMS points champion Tyler Nicely came home with win. Tyler drew the six in the redraw at the scales. Veteran modified ace Jeff Leka came home in the runner up spot and transferred also to the main event.

Heat race number four of the night presented by AERO Wheels was won by Late Model driver Bobby Pierce who was doing double duty on Saturday night. Bobby drew the fifth starting spot with Mark Lamont grabbing the other transfer into the $10,000 to win main event.

The fifth heat race of the night presented by Hypercoils seen veteran driver Bob Pohlman take the win. Bob drew the pole after clearing the scales. American Modified Series regular Victor Lee was the other driver to move on to the nights 50 lap feature event.

Heat race six, sponsored by Willy’s Carb & Dyno went to the driver who drove the furthest to get there. Chris Arnold from the state of Virginia was took the heat race win. Chris would draw the seven in the redraw. Former event winner Mike Harrison came home in second and would advance to the show.

In Fast Shaft sponsored heat race seven sentimental fan favorite Dawson Cook picked up the win. He said in his interview after the win, I am just excited to be in the show and now I draw the 2, this is unbelievable. Derek Losh was the second driver from this heat to advance to the feature event.

In the final heat race of the night presented by AERO Wheels Fairbury track champion Allen Weisser paced the field and picked up the win. Unlucky Allen got the number 8 and would start in the fourth row for the nights feature event. Former Nascar driver David Streme would grab the other spot in the A-main.

Nick Hoffman during action Saturday night at Fairbury Speedway. (Rocky Ragusa Photo)

It took four of B-Main to set the remaining field for the 50-lap main event. B-Main event winners were Will Krup, Bobby Stremme, Brian Shaw, and Kyle Hammer. Others who transferred by finishing second were Josh Morton, Dylan Woodling, Bradley Jamison, & Rodney Standerfer. The final spots were filled with Provisionals who were awarded to Mike McKinney and Jacob Rexing.

At the start it was Bob Pohlman who took the lead early and led the first four laps. It was Dawson Cook who overtook Pohlman on lap number five and looked to be a threat for the win before bad luck struck the #64 machine. Going into turn one the car threw off the belts and caused the car to spin. Charging Mike Harrison had nowhere to go and hit head on with Cook. This ended both of their nights as Harrison’s car had to have assistance from two wreckers to remove from the track.

On the restart Nick Hoffman was able to take over the top spot. After Nick got the lead no one was able to mount a series challenge in the middle stages of the race. On lap 22 Allen Weisser who started eight was able to move up into the runner up spot. Weisser tried his best to chase down Hoffman. On lap 37 Bobby Pierce had a flat tire and had to have assistance in the infield by his crew. This set up the final dash to the finish.

In the closing laps Hoffman had to deal with heavy lap traffic that allowed Weisser to run him down and get a wheel up alongside Nick with two laps to go. Hoffman would be able to hold off the 2-time Fairbury track champion Weisser and pick up the $10,000 win. Hoffman has been on a roll in the Allgaier owned number seven machine that saw Nick win double digit victories on the Summer Nationals tour. Tyler Nicely came home in the third spot, David Stremme came from the fourteenth starting spot to finish fourth. After taking a provisional to make the show, Mike McKinney stormed from twenty-five starting spot to come home fifth.

Nick Hoffman in victory lane Saturday night at Fairbury. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

Future events for the American Modified Series will be announced when they become available. Stay informed with all the latest news and events from the series on their Facebook page or website www.americanmodifiedseries.com.

Full Results

A Feature (50 Laps) 1. 7H-Nick Hoffman[3]; 2. 25W-Allen Weisser[8]; 3. 25-Tyler Nicely[6]; 4. 35S-David Stremme[16]; 5. 96M-Mike McKinney[25]; 6. 21-Derek Losh[14]; 7. 53-Bobby Stremme[19]; 8. 45K-Kyle Hammer[20]; 9. 10J-Bradley Jameson[22]; 10. 4-Victor Lee[10]; 11. 3L-Jeff Leka[13]; 12. 28-Rodney Standerfer[24]; 13. 21D-Danny Schwartz[9]; 14. 32P-Bobby Pierce[5]; 15. 3W-Dylan Woodling[23]; 16. 1WP-Bob Pohlman[1]; 17. 99W-Chris Arnold[7]; 18. 7-Mark Lamont[15]; 19. (DNF) 5CS- Curt Spalding[4]; 20. (DNF) 1S-Brian Shaw[18]; 21. (DNF) 59R-Jacob Rexing[26]; 22. (DNF) 64-Dawson Cook[2]; 23. (DNF) 24H-Mike Harrison[12]; 24. (DNF) K19-Will Krup[17]; 25. (DNF) 20M-Josh Morton[21]; 26. (DNF) 21A-Nick Allen[11]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps) 1. K19-Will Krup[1]; 2. 20M-Josh Morton[2]; 3. 80-Rich Dawson[7]; 4. 63-Dustin King[3]; 5. 11S-Nick Seplak[15]; 6. 8-Jimmy Lennex[13]; 7. 49-Todd Bates[10]; 8. 5M-Scott Melvin[11]; 9. 12M-John McClure[8]; 10. 10M-Chris Morefield[9]; 11. (DNF) 10-Jason Highley[16]; 12. (DNF) 15-Chris Smith[5]; 13. (DNF) 77-Ray Bollinger[6]; 14. (DNF) 37-Michael Ledford[4]; 15. (DNS) 5-Alan Stipp; 16. (DNS) 29-Gordon Parsons Jr

B Feature 2 (12 Laps) 1. 53-Bobby Stremme[5]; 2. 3W-Dylan Woodling[1]; 3. 242-Brandon Bollinger[6]; 4. 18-Ryan Sutter[9]; 5. K67-Ian Keller[7]; 6. 16C-John Clippinger[2]; 7. 88C-Marshall Call[10]; 8. 81-Mark Cole[12]; 9. (DNF) 35-Jason Hastings[4]; 10. (DNF) 7N-Tim Nash[8]; 11. (DNS) 1D-Dean Hoffman; 12. (DNS) 43A-Larry Anderson; 13. (DNS) 32B-TD Burger; 14. (DNS) 69SR-Jim Farris; 15. (DNS) T9-Ryan Thomas; 16. (DNS) 83J-James Weintraut

B Feature 3 (12 Laps) 1. 1S-Brian Shaw[1]; 2. 10J-Bradley Jameson[2]; 3. 15M-Clayton Miller[10]; 4. 0G-Garrett Jameson[9]; 5. 59R-Jacob Rexing[4]; 6. 71D-Ron Davies[5]; 7. 83S-Kasey Schrock[8]; 8. A9-AJ May[3]; 9. 59B-Brent Weaver[6]; 10. 83-Brian Clegg[14]; 11. (DNF) 12-Jeremy Rayburn[7]; 12. (DNF) 98-Zac Harris[13]; 13. (DNF) 91-Neil Rollins[15]; 14. (DNS) 3-Mike Brooks; 15. (DNS) 1W-Larry Witt Jr; 16. (DNS) 1KS-Keith Smith

B Feature 4 (12 Laps) 1. 45K-Kyle Hammer[2]; 2. 28-Rodney Standerfer[1]; 3. 28U-Ryan Unzicker[6]; 4. 99-Hunt Gossum[4]; 5. 5B-Steven Brooks[3]; 6. 7R-Dan Rork[5]; 7. 81C-Christopher Cole[12]; 8. 35W-Ethan Weber[11]; 9. 21B-Dustin Branch[7]; 10. (DNF) 32-Mason Duncan[9]; 11. (DNF) 82-Jacob Poel[8]; 12. (DNF) 12H-Wyatt Harms[14]; 13. (DNS) 19M-Matt Markham; 14. (DNS) 96M-Mike McKinney; 15. (DNS) 1-Dave Lilja; 16. (DNS) 41-Daniel Dehner

Heat 1 (10 Laps) 1. 5CS-Curt Spalding[1]; 2. 21D-Danny Schwartz[2]; 3. K19-Will Krup[4]; 4. 63-Dustin King[3]; 5. 15-Chris Smith[7]; 6. 80- Rich Dawson[5]; 7. 10M-Chris Morefield[8]; 8. 5M-Scott Melvin[10]; 9. (DNF) 8-Jimmy Lennex[6]; 10. (DNF) 11S-Nick Seplak[9]

Heat 2 (10 Laps) 1. 7H-Nick Hoffman[2]; 2. 21A-Nick Allen[1]; 3. 20M-Josh Morton[5]; 4. 37-Michael Ledford[4]; 5. 77-Ray Bollinger[3]; 6. 12M-John McClure[7]; 7. 49-Todd Bates[8]; 8. 5-Alan Stipp[6]; 9. 29-Gordon Parsons Jr[9]; 10. (DNF) 10-Jason Highley[10]

Heat 3 (10 Laps) 1. 25-Tyler Nicely[3]; 2. 3L-Jeff Leka[2]; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling[1]; 4. 32B-TD Burger[4]; 5. 53-Bobby Stremme[7]; 6. K67-Ian Keller[5]; 7. 18-Ryan Sutter[6]; 8. 43A-Larry Anderson[8]; 9. 83J-James Weintraut[9]; 10. (DNS) T9-Ryan Thomas

Heat 4 (10 Laps) 1. 32P-Bobby Pierce[1]; 2. 7-Mark Lamont[2]; 3. 16C-John Clippinger[4]; 4. 35-Jason Hastings[3]; 5. 242-Brandon Bollinger[6]; 6. 7N-Tim Nash[7]; 7. 88C-Marshall Call[9]; 8. 81-Mark Cole[8]; 9. (DNF) 1D-Dean Hoffman[5]; 10. (DNS) 69SR- Jim Farris

Heat 5 (10 Laps) 1. 1WP-Bob Pohlman[1]; 2. 4-Victor Lee[2]; 3. 1S-Brian Shaw[4]; 4. A9-AJ May[5]; 5. 71D-Ron Davies[3]; 6. 12-Jeremy Rayburn[9]; 7. 0G-Garrett Jameson[6]; 8. 3-Mike Brooks[7]; 9. 98-Zac Harris[8]; 10. 91-Neil Rollins[10]

Heat 6 (10 Laps) 1. 99W-Chris Arnold[1]; 2. 24H-Mike Harrison[2]; 3. 10J-Bradley Jameson[4]; 4. 59R-Jacob Rexing[6]; 5. 59B-Brent Weaver[7]; 6. 83S-Kasey Schrock[8]; 7. 15M-Clayton Miller[3]; 8. 1KS-Keith Smith[5]; 9. 83-Brian Clegg[9]; 10. (DNF) 1W- Larry Witt Jr[10]

Heat 7 (10 Laps) 1. 64-Dawson Cook[2]; 2. 21-Derek Losh[1]; 3. 28-Rodney Standerfer[7]; 4. 5B-Steven Brooks[5]; 5. 7R-Dan Rork[4]; 6. 21B-Dustin Branch[9]; 7. 32-Mason Duncan[6]; 8. 35W-Ethan Weber[8]; 9. (DNF) 96M-Mike McKinney[3]; 10. (DNS) 19M- Matt Markham

Heat 8 (10 Laps) 1. 25W-Allen Weisser[1]; 2. 35S-David Stremme[3]; 3. 45K-Kyle Hammer[2]; 4. 99-Hunt Gossum[7]; 5. 28U-Ryan Unzicker[5]; 6. 82-Jacob Poel[4]; 7. 1-Dave Lilja[9]; 8. 81C-Christopher Cole[6]; 9. 12H-Wyatt Harms[10]; 10. (DNF) 41- Daniel Dehner[8]

Qualifying 1 (2 Laps) 1. 5CS-Curt Spalding, 00:13.966[39]; 2. 21A-Nick Allen, 00:13.999[37]; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling, 00:14.088[25]; 4. 32P- Bobby Pierce, 00:14.104[38]; 5. 21D-Danny Schwartz, 00:14.150[3]; 6. 7H-Nick Hoffman, 00:14.178[17]; 7. 3L-Jeff Leka, 00:14.225[34]; 8. 7-Mark Lamont, 00:14.232[7]; 9. 63-Dustin King, 00:14.243[8]; 10. 77-Ray Bollinger, 00:14.251[30]; 11. 25-Tyler Nicely, 00:14.270[26]; 12. 35-Jason Hastings, 00:14.344[1]; 13. K19-Will Krup, 00:14.359[32]; 14. 37-Michael Ledford, 00:14.410[19]; 15. 32B-TD Burger, 00:14.413[31]; 16. 80-Rich Dawson, 00:14.528[23]; 17. 16C-John Clippinger, 00:14.528[24]; 18. 20M-Josh Morton, 00:14.581[21]; 19. K67-Ian Keller, 00:14.624[29]; 20. 1D-Dean Hoffman, 00:14.632[28]; 21. 8-Jimmy Lennex, 00:14.662[40]; 22. 5-Alan Stipp, 00:14.675[12]; 23. 18-Ryan Sutter, 00:14.676[27]; 24. 242-Brandon Bollinger, 00:14.685[35]; 25. 15-Chris Smith, 00:14.696[15]; 26. 12M-John McClure, 00:14.697[18]; 27. 53- Bobby Stremme, 00:14.710[4]; 28. 7N-Tim Nash, 00:14.744[16]; 29. 10M-Chris Morefield, 00:14.747[33]; 30. 49-Todd Bates, 00:14.878[13]; 31. 43A-Larry Anderson, 00:14.885[20]; 32. 81-Mark Cole, 00:14.921[2]; 33. 11S-Nick Seplak, 00:14.996[9]; 34. 29-Gordon Parsons Jr, 00:15.152[36]; 35. 83J-James Weintraut, 00:15.172[11]; 36. 88C-Marshall Call, 00:15.266[5]; 37. 5M-Scott Melvin, 00:15.553[10]; 38. (DQ) 10-Jason Highley, 00:15.036[6]; 39. (DNS) T9-Ryan Thomas; 40. (DNS) 69SR-Jim Farris

Qualifying 2 (2 Laps) 1. 1WP-Bob Pohlman, 00:14.126[6]; 2. 99W-Chris Arnold, 00:14.173[1]; 3. 21-Derek Losh, 00:14.179[2]; 4. 25W-Allen Weisser, 00:14.199[9]; 5. 4-Victor Lee, 00:14.379[35]; 6. 24H-Mike Harrison, 00:14.406[22]; 7. 64-Dawson Cook, 00:14.408[5]; 8. 45K-Kyle Hammer, 00:14.413[11]; 9. 71D-Ron Davies, 00:14.419[3]; 10. 15M-Clayton Miller, 00:14.439[13]; 11. 96M-Mike McKinney, 00:14.451[30]; 12. 35S-David Stremme, 00:14.522[29]; 13. 1S-Brian Shaw, 00:14.543[37]; 14. 10J-Bradley Jameson, 00:14.569[20]; 15. 7R-Dan Rork, 00:14.616[15]; 16. 82-Jacob Poel, 00:14.684[25]; 17. A9-AJ May, 00:14.705[36]; 18. 1KS-Keith Smith, 00:14.724[14]; 19. 5B-Steven Brooks, 00:14.728[31]; 20. 28U-Ryan Unzicker, 00:14.743[17]; 21. 0G-Garrett Jameson, 00:14.771[19]; 22. 59R-Jacob Rexing, 00:14.785[24]; 23. 32-Mason Duncan, 00:14.847[12]; 24. 81C-Christopher Cole, 00:14.882[4]; 25. 3-Mike Brooks, 00:14.885[40]; 26. 59B-Brent Weaver, 00:14.891[34]; 27. 28-Rodney Standerfer, 00:14.916[27]; 28. 99-Hunt Gossum, 00:14.920[23]; 29. 98-Zac Harris, 00:14.950[7]; 30. 83S-Kasey Schrock, 00:14.971[33]; 31. 35W-Ethan Weber, 00:15.002[39]; 32. 41-Daniel Dehner, 00:15.005[16]; 33. 12-Jeremy Rayburn, 00:15.017[21]; 34. 83-Brian Clegg, 00:15.103[18]; 35. 21B-Dustin Branch, 00:15.348[8]; 36. 1-Dave Lilja, 00:15.406[26]; 37. 91-Neil Rollins, 00:15.476[32]; 38. 1W-Larry Witt Jr, 00:15.544[28]; 39. 19M-Matt Markham, 00:15.852[38]; 40. (DNS) 12H-Wyatt Harms

Contingency Award Winners

SPEC Race Engines (Overall Fast Qualifier) $100 Certificate: Curt Spalding

F.A.S.T. (Opposing Group Fast Qualifier) $75 Certificate: Bob Pohlman

HYPERCOILS (Heat Race #1 Winner) (1) 5" Spring Certificate: Curt Spalding

WILLY’S CARB & DYNO (Heat Race #2 Winner) $100 Certificate: Nick Hoffman

FAST SHAFTS (Heat Race #3 Winner) $75 Certificate: Tyler Nicely

AERO WHEEL (Heat Race #4 Winner) $80 Certificate: Bobby Pierce

HYPERCOILS (Heat Race #5 Winner) (1) 5" Spring Certificate: Bob Pohlman

WILLY’S CARB & DYNO (Heat Race #6 Winner) $100 Certificate: Chris Arnold

FAST SHAFTS (Heat Race #7 Winner) $75 Certificate: Dawson Cook

AERO WHEEL (Heat Race #8) $80 Certificate: Alllen Weisser

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #1 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Rich Dawson

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #1 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Dustin King

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #1 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Nick Seplak

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #2 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Brandon Bollinger

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #2 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Ryan Sutter

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #2 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Ian Keller

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #3 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Clayton Miller

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #3 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Garrett Jameson

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #3 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Ron Davies

VP RACING FUELS (B-Main #4 Non-Transfer) (5) Gal of VP Fuel: Ryan Unzicker

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #4 2nd Non-Transfer) $50 Gift Card: Hunt Gossum

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT (B-Main #4 3rd Non-Transfer) $25 Gift Card: Steven Brooks

PEM RACING (4th Place Finish) Quick Change Gear Set: David Stremme

MAXIMA RACING OILS (Tuff 5th Place Finish) Care Package: Mike McKinney

HOOKER HARNESS (Safe 6th Place Finish) $75 Certificate: Derek Losh

WILWOOD DISC BRAKES (Lucky 7th Place Finish) $50 Certificate: Bobby Stremme

FOX RACING SHOX (Lucky 13th Place Finish) $100 Certificate: Danny Schwartz

ALLSTAR PERFORMANCE (Hard Charger) $100 Certificate: Mike McKinney (25th– 5th)

VP RACING FUELS (Hard Luck) VP Fuel Jug: Nick Allen

WILES DRIVESHAFTS (Longest Tow for Event) $100 Certificate: Chris Arnold

Top 10 Points after Fairbury

1. Tyler Nicely 1070

2. Danny Schwartz 815

3. Mark Cole 780

4. Chris Cole 730

5. Mike Harrison 720

6. Victor Lee 640

7. Jeff Leka 625

8. Jacob Rexing 595

9. Will Krup 565

10. Mike McKinney 550