Kissinger Prevails In Modified Prelim

Levi Kissinger poses in victory lane with family after his $3,000 to win triumph. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

December 20, 2019 at The Dome at America's Center ($3,000 to win)

Levi used a restart about halfway through the event to take the lead for good and went on to win the Thursday night Prelim in the Gateway Dirt Nationals

Feature Results

1. Levi Kissinger

2. Derek Losh

3. Josh Harris

4. Jeffrey Ledford

5. KC Burdette

6. Mike McKinney

7. Chad Sellers

8. Kyle Strickler

9. Jim Black

10. Robbie Eilers

11. Ray Bollinger

12. Eric Perry

13. Rodney Standerfer

14. Bobby Pierce

15. Michael Altobelli Jr

16. Darron Fuqua

17. Kyle Steffens

18. Will Krup