Marlar Captures Caution Free Hall of Fame Race at Brownstown

Mike Marlar won the caution free Mars Series Race Saturday Night at Brownstown Speedway. (Ryan Roberts Photo)

August 3, 2019 at Brownstown Speedway ($10,000 to win)

Feature Finish(Top 15):

1. Mike Marlar

2. Jason Jameson

3. Greg Johnson

4. Kent Robinson

5. Tanner English

6. Zack Dohm

7. Scott James

8. Nick Hoffman

9. Devin Gilpin

10. David Webb

11. Shelby Miles

12. Jared Bailey

13. Justin Rattliff

14. Skyller Lewis

15. Dean Carpenter

Fast Qualifer: Kent Robinson 13.509 seconds

Heat Winners: Kent Robinson, Scott James, Jason Jameson, Mike Marlar

B-Main Winner: Jared Bailey

Photo Gallery: (Ryan Roberts Photos)