McKinney Holds Off Hoffman at FALS

Mike McKinney won Tuesday night at Fairbury Speedway holding off NIck Hoffman for the win. (Tyson Graves Photo)

September 15, 2020 at Fairbury Speedway ($1,500 to win)

Crossing Nick Hoffman back over coming off turn number four, Mike McKinney picked up the feature win at Fairbury Speedway on Tuesday night. Mike battled with Nick for the top spot throughout the feature event.

Feature Results:

1 #96M Mike McKinney

2 #7H Nick Hoffman

3 #25W Allen Weisser

4 #45K Kyle Hammer

5 #3L Jeff Leka

6 #7 Brad Deyoung

7 #7R Dan Rork

8 #5B Steven Brooks

9 #3W Dylan Woodling

10 #24 Zeke McKenzie

11 #43 Jared Thomas

12 #28 Kevin Morrow

13 #9PG Percy Gendreau

14 #63 Dustin King

15 #37 Michael Ledford

16 #72A Austin Lynn

17 #01 Donald Kiger

18 #8K Levi Kissinger

19 #32D Mason Duncan

20 #0 Travis Kohler

Mike McKinney battles with Nick Hoffman at FALS. (Tyson Graves Photo)

Heat 1: Mike McKinney, Nick Hoffman, Travis Kohler, Percy Gendreau

Heat 2: Austin Lynn, Dan Rork, Dustin King, Jared Thomas

Heat 3: Allen Weisser, Jeff Leka, Kyle Hammer, Brad Deyoung

Heat 4: Levi Kissinger, Zeke McKenzie, Steven Brooks, Michael Ledford

Overall Fast Qualifier: Allen Weisser 13.899 seconds