Overton Overtakes Chilton for his Second Southern Nationals Victory of the Year

Brandon Overton in victory lane Tuesday night after his 12th career Southern Nationals victory. (Trevor Gonzales Photo)

July 17, 2019 at Smoky Mountain Speedway ($3,500 to win)

Maryville, Tennessee)- Round three of the Southern Nationals Series invaded Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tennessee for a Tuesday night special $3,500 to win event. At the end of the night, it would be Evans, Georgia driver Brandon Overton who would capture his second Southern Nationals victory of 2019 and his 12th all time series win.

15 cars were unofficially signed in for the race as Benton, Kentucky driver Tanner English’s Big Frog Motorsports toter broke down in Asheville, North Carolina on the way to the track. He would arrive on an open trailer. Mooresville, North Carolina driver Kyle Strickler, who announced he was running the Southern Nationals tour, got stuck in traffic and did not arrive until after the feature had began. So officially, there would be 14 cars on the grounds.

The field would be set with the top three qualifiers in each group locking themselves in the feature while the rest of the field would run a heat race to set the rest of the lineup.

Salvisa, Kentucky driver Michael Chilton would be the fastest in Group A with a 16.540 second lap around the 4/10 mile Speedway. Joining Chilton would be Dakotah Knuckles and Jake Knowles. Donald McIntosh would be the overall fast qualifier as he was the fastest in Group B with a lap of 16.270 seconds. Brandon Overton and Ashton Winger would round out the top three in that group.

Robby Moses would win to lone heat race over Tommy Kerr, David Crabtree, Stacy Boles, Cla Knight, Bobby Giffin, and Craig Greer. Tanner English would hit the wall hard on his first lap of qualifying adding to his stressful, eventful day as he was seen in the pit area after qualifying in street clothes repairing his car. He would miss the heat race and end up fixing his car to have it ready for the feature as he would start at the tail of the field in the fourteenth position.

Chilton would bolt out to the lead on the opening lap over McIntosh, Knuckles, Overton, and Knowles. Overton would pass Knuckles for third on Lap 3 while Tommy Kerr would pass Winger and Knowles to crack into the top five. Knuckles would drop to sixth on the very next lap as Kerr and Knowles would both get around him for fourth and fifth respectively. On Lap 7, Knuckles would relinquish another position as Winger would pass him for sixth. Winger would pass Knowles for fifth one lap later on Lap 8. Chilton would set a fast pace on the field and soon begin the process of lapped traffic as he lead ten laps in. On Lap 14, Knuckles would begin to find his car as he would pass Knowles for sixth place. By the halfway mark, Chilton would continue to lead over McIntosh, Overton, Kerr, and Winger. Overton would then begin to find a comfortable line on the track as he would pass McIntosh for second on Lap 20. He immediately would catch up to Chilton as he was battling with some lapped cars as they were side by side for the lead on Lap 21. On the next lap, Overton would get a huge run coming off of Turn 4 to take the lead over Chilton at the line. Overton would begin to pull away from the rest of the field. With nine laps to go, Winger would pass Kerr for the fourth spot. With three laps to go, Knuckles would insert himself back into the top five as he would be able to get around Kerr for fifth. Overton would lead the last thirteen laps of the race unchallenged as he beat Chilton to the line by 2.3 seconds to capture the $3,500 paycheck and to extend his points lead. Chilton would finish second while McIntosh would round out the podium in third. Ashton Winger would finish fourth in Billy Franklin’s Rocket XR1 and Dakotah Knuckles would round out the top five.

Feature Finish:

1. 2 Brandon Overton- Evans, GA

2. 97 Michael Chilton- Salvisa, KY

3. 7m Donald McIntosh- Dawsonville, GA

4. 17 Ashton Winger- Hampton, GA

5. 21k Dakotah Knuckles- Ewing, VA

6. 66 Jake Knowles- Rome, GA

7. 4T Tommy Kerr- Maryville, TN

8. c5 David Crabtree- Maryville, TN

9. 58 Tanner English- Benton, KY

10. 21 Robby Moses- Maryville, TN

11. 42 Cla Knight- North Augusta, SC

12. 97 Bobby Giffin- Maryville, TN

13. 11B Stacy Boles- Clinton, TN

14. 7G Craig Greer- Cleveland, TN