Sheppard Drives to FALS Win

Brandon Sheppard salutes the crowd at Fairbury Speedway Tuesday night. (Brendon Bauman Photo)

September 15, 2020 at Fairbury Speedway ($15,000 to win)

By Tyson Graves

Tuesday night forty-four late models invaded the Fairbury Speedway for the $15,000 "One for the Road" event. Brandon Sheppard kept his dominate hold on big money events at the quarter-mile. Brandon won the $30,000 Prairie Dirt Classic and the $15,000 FALS Frenzy in 2019. Tuesday night Brandon took home the $15,000 top prize after taking the lead on the final restart and pulling away from the rest of the field. Josh Richards came home in second and Bobby Pierce was awarded third after photo finish with Frank Heckenast Jr.

The night was kicked off with Kyle Strickler breaking the nine year old track record in qualifying with a lap of 12.143 seconds. Josh Richards was quickest in Group B with a lap of 12.267 seconds.

Heat race winners were Kyle Strickler, Shannon Babb, Josh Richards & Brandon Overton. B-Main's went to Bobby Pierce and Ryan Unzicker.

Brandon Sheppard battles with Shannon Babb in the closing stages Tuesday night. (Tyson Graves Photo)

Feature Finish

1 #1S Brandon Sheppard

2 #14 Josh Richards

3 #32P Bobby Pierce

4 #99JR Frank Heckenast Jr

5 #18B Shannon Babb

6 #58 Jeremiah Hurst

7 #10S Taylor Scheffler

8 #84 Myles Moos

9 #40B Kyle Bronson

10 #76O Brandon Overton

11 #81E Tanner English

12 #8 Kyle Strickler

13 #157 Mike Marlar

14 #25 Jason Feger

15 #44 Chris Madden

16 #12 Ashton Winger

17 #49 Jonathan Davenport

18 #B12 Kevin Weaver

19 #83 Scott James

20 #24 Ryan Unzicker

21 #32 Chris Simpson

22 #28 Dennis Erb Jr

Brandon Sheppard crosses the stripe after his win Tuesday night. (Brendon Bauman Photo)

Heat Race 1: Kyle Strickler, Brandon Sheppard, Dennis Erb Jr, Scott James

Heat Race 2: Shannon Babb, Jonathan Davenport, Kyle Bronson, Ashton Winger

Heat Race 3: Josh Richards, Jason Feger, Frank Heckenast Jr, Kevin Weaver

Heat Race 4: Brandon Overton, Tanner English, Chris Madden, Brian Shirley

B-Main 1: Bobby Pierce, Mike Marlar, Chris Simpson

B-Main 2: Ryan Unzicker, Jeremiah Hurst, Taylor Scheffler

Fast Qualifier Group A: Kyle Strickler 12.143 sec (NEW TRACK RECORD)

Fast Qualifier Group B: Josh Richards 12.267 sec

Alternate Starter: Myles Moos (due to Brian Shirley scratch after heat race)