Some Safety Tips For The Dome

By: Addison Blair, Director of Sales and Marketing

This weekend we embark on St. Louis, Mo for the third annual VP Racing Fuels Gateway Dirt Nationals. Every year this event gets bigger and better, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down.

With this growth, safety is always a concern. Every year the Dome Staff does an amazing job at making sure they adapt to changing security concerns. Racing Performance Media has compiled a list of things to be aware of while enjoying your time at the Dome.

Race Fans:

1. Keep your belongings and purchases close and within reach. There will be many people mingling around this weekend. While most of the racing family is honest, there is always a bad egg in the bunch to spoil everything. Pick pockets, bag grabbers, etc will be present and Dome Security can only do so much with this volume of people.

2. Know where you parked. This is a very large facility and it can be very easy to get turned around. To avoid getting lost, remember where you enter the facility and become familiar with your surroundings at all time. This is especially true if you are traveling in groups or with children.

3. Don't drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver or if not, Uber is always within reach. If you don't have the Uber App, download it or sign up here. Drinking and driving is not only illegal, it is dangerous. Especially with the amount of people that will be walking around after the event each night. Be safe, drive sober.

4. Know Your Surroundings. This goes mostly for those traveling the pit area. The pits are dangerous enough with all of the moving cars as it is, but now there is the addition of the midgets. With this addition, they will be traveling at a slightly faster speed in the pits to keep their engines running. When they run too slow, their engines will stop. Give them a lane.


1. Know where you are at all times. The Dome is a fast paced environment for the VP Racing Fuels Gateway Dirt Nationals (no pun intended). It is easy to get caught up in your work as a member of the media and become complacent. Keep in mind there are many moving parts to this event (again no pun intended). Make sure you are moving along smoothly with these parts.

2. Along with knowing where you are, know where to place yourself. While not as important when mingling and finding new angles around the top of the dome, when on the infield, stay put during action. The infield is small and there are many media members down there. It is important to stay put to avoid risking getting caught up in a dangerous situation. Gateway Officials have designed the infield to hold the media in specific areas.

3. Wear Proper Safety Gear. This includes the vest you are issued on day one at the Credential Trailer on 9th and Cole St. No vest, no infield or Dome Floor access. Lighting will be great in the Dome, but it is still very important to be visible to these drivers.

4. Be respectful. I can absolutely guarantee you will not be the only member of media at the VP Racing Fuels Gateway Dirt Nationals. It's okay to move around, but realize that others are wanting to get the same shot as you. Media etiquette is very important.


1. Drive Carefully. Most drivers know this and practice it. There are some that do not however (we are not calling any specific driver out). The pit area will be crowded and most people will not be looking for you, the driver, because they are in aw of the event.

2. Fuel Outside Only. There will be a designated area for your fueling outside of the facility. To all new drivers, please follow this as fueling inside the facility is a huge safety risk to the entire event.

3. Keep an inventory on your equipment. Theft is a real issue at this event. It is important to keep a solid inventory regularly. The Dome Security is highly trained and always on guard, but one bad egg out of a large group of people is possible.

4. Have Fun. Put on a show for the fans like you never have before and have fun doing so!

Race fans, drivers, and media alike are excited to converge on the dome. Let's have some fun and enjoy some dirt racing in November/December, just like the event was intended!

Have more safety tips? Leave them in the comments below on this page or on our Facebook Page. Check back at often for Dome Updates!


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