Stewart Charges to 10th Win in Rumble at Fort Wayne

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Tony Stewart charged from his 9th starting spot to take the lead on lap 35 and win his 10th career feature in the Rumble at Fort Wayne. (Blake Harris Photo)

December 27, 2019 at Rumble at Fort Wayne

Feature Finish:

1. Tony Stewart

2. Cap Henry

3. Joe Liguori

4. Justin Peck

5. Derek Bischak

6. Mike Fedorcak

7. Bryan Nuckles

8. Jim Anderson

9. Kyle Hamilton

10. Cory Setser

11. Travis Welpott

12. Russ Gamester

13. Tim Buckwalter

14. Troy DeCaire

Fast Qualifier: Tony Stewart 7.723 seconds

Heat Race Winners:

Heat 1 Cap Henry

Heat 2 Tim Buckwalter

Heat 3 Russ Gamester

Heat 4 Troy DeCaire

B-Main Winners:

B-Main 1 Tony Stewart

B-Main 2 Justin Peck

B-Main 3 Kyle Hamilton

Dash Winner:

Cap Henry